Closet Tip – Try A Monochromatic Outfit

Do you ever stare at your closet, hoping you’ll be inspired to put together existing pieces in a new way, but ultimately end up going with an outfit you’ve worn a million times?

While trying to coordinate outfits, I think it’s easy to overlook one very simple option–monochromatic.  Try dressing head to toe in all one color.  Mix different textures or slightly different shades.  Streamlining an outfit to one color is not only on-trend, but also has a very slimming  effect too (bonus!).

Thank you for reading!

Top:  H&M  /  similar ($72)
Pants:  H&M  /  similar ($53)
Boots:  Zara  /  similar ($142)
Bag:  Banana Republic  /  similar ($53)
Necklace:  Forever21  /  similar ($30)
Bracelet:  INC  /  similar ($31)

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